educationPromoting education is what is most important to us. Whether it is specific technical information, academic courses or more broad educational matters we aim to compile a comprehensive database of different educational tools through our site. The advent of the internet has really evened the playing field and it has allowed more and more people access to information like never before. This site is one such method of providing people with the information to learn new skills and expand their understanding. Looking at a wide range of topics is something we feel passionate about and we will continue to explore a great many areas to allow you to find something appropriate to you as well as perhaps finding new topics which you might not have been initially searching for. Education is not necessarily just what you choose to learn and discovering information on the things you had not originally set out to understand can be one of the most valuable aspects of educational information. Expanding your mind and developing critical thinking is something which can prove to be invaluable and through this site we hope to be able to help with this. Through regular updates and extended scope, we are sure that we will have something of interest to you.