How Forensic Sciece and Forensic Exams Help

Forensic exams and science are a very detailed process where evidence is collected from a crime scene and sent to various scientist and experts to get detailed information about the crime committed, it can also be the determining factor in a trial or police investigation.

Crime scene evidence comes in many forms, from fingerprints to ballistic reports and how the crime scene is left all give clues to the events that happened. One of the most common pieces of evidence is DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) because it is one of the most distinguishing factors that help identify potential suspects as it is the main carrier of genic information. Collecting DNA at a crime scene can come from a host of places such as the victim, murder weapon or even the surrounding environment in the form of blood, sweat and skin cells. Collecting and processing these bits of information can be the foundation of a successful investigation and inevitably bringing the right person to justice.

After a crime has been committed you may feel a lack of safety within your home, local area or work environment. This is completely natural as you feel you have been violated either physically or mentality, however there are steps you can take to make you feel more secure and continue living your everyday life without fear.

  1. Personal Security – carrying pepper can spray can be an effective tool to make you feel in control and is a potent weapon against any potential attacker. Taking self-defense classes can be great way of building self-esteem and gives you the confidence to go back into the world, it also opens a gateway to be around a secure group of people and a safe environment to discuss your ordeal with other victims.
  2. Home Security – Having a crime take place in your own home can be one of the scariest moments in life, it is an invasion of your personal space and privacy. The good news is steps can be taken to increase you security and give you peace of mind. Taking extra security  measures will tighten up your security and give you confidence that your home is only accessible by yourself. Heightening your security by installing security cameras, security doors and blinds plus the most up to date alarm systems will create a safe environment.

Sometimes a crime committed against you can you leave you feeling very short on confidence and self-esteem, there are ways to combat this by taking up a hobby or surrounding yourself with loved ones. You may also find yourself in the position where you have sustained physical damage most likely from assault or GBH (grievous bodily harm), to regain you confidence or restore your looks you may consider cosmetic surgery or laser dentistry Melbourne, as this allow you to feel better about your image and move past the ordeal you have endured.